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Cleaning Cornwall - Crystal Clear

Roof Cleaning Camborne

roof cleaning Camborne

Crystal Clear provide a comprehensive Roof Cleaning Service in Camborne.

Excessive moss and algae growing on your roof not only looks unsightly and denigrates the appearance of your home but it also has far worse consequences:
* because moss is a natural organic growth it has the ability to absorb and retain water, this can add up to one tonne per metre cube (m3). Clearly this can add unnecessary weight and stress to the overall roofing structure and its vital supports.
* a roof structure under a load that it was not designed for will eventually start to buckle and warp. The buckling and warping can often been seen on many homes and buildings with heavy moss growth.
* during the winter months, moss saturated with water will expand as it freezes, this natural expansion can lift and displace roofing tiles and slates. This expansion can also cause mortar joints to widen, lift and become unstable, creating leaky joints and seals.
* the natural expansion of frozen moss between or under roof tiles will cause them to move and possibly crush up against each other, causing them to come loose, crack or break.
* moss forming and freezing in between ridge tiles and hip and bonnet tiles can cause them to become detached from the roofing structure.

Crystal Clear use a three part system for roof cleaning in Camborne. Initially we brush off and loosen moss and debris, using roof ladders. We then use medium pressure washer roof cleaning techniques to remove any stubborn moss and algae. Finally we spray the roof with an environmentally safe fungicidal wash which kills moss and algae spores and will inhibit regrowth. We will of course ensure that all the moss and other debris removed from your roof is thoroughly cleared up.

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